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Products and Services

 Products from Mira Organics & Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India
1. Mono-Sodium Phosphate (Anhyd)
2. Mono Sodium Phosphate (Mono-hyd)
3. Mono-Sodium Phosphate (Di-hyd)
4. Di-Sodium Phosphate (Anhyd)
5. Di-Sodium Phosphate (Di-Hyd)
6. Tri-Sodium Phosphate Do-deca hydrate
7. Tri-Sodium Phosphate (Anhyd)
8. Tri-Sodium Phosphate (Mano hyd)
9. Tri-Sodium Phosphate (Do-deca hyd)
10. Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate
11. Sodium Acid Pyro Phosphate
12. Tetra Sodium Pyro phosphate
13. Sodium Nitrate
14. Calcium Nitrate
15. Nickel Chloride
16. Nickel Nitrate
17. Nickel Carbonate
18. Nickel Sulphate
19. Ammonium Dichromate
20. Sodium Acetate (Anhyd)
21. Sodium Acetate(crystals)
22. Potassium Acetate
23. Calcium Acetate
24. Lead Acetate
25. Ammonium Acetate
26. Copper Sulphate
27. Mono-Ammonium Phosphate
28. Di-Ammonium Phosphate
29. Antimony tri-Sulphide
30. Antimony tri-Chloride
31. Di Calcium Phosphate
32. Zinc Chloride
33. Manganese Acetate
34. Mono Potassium Phosphate
35. Di-Potassium Phosphate
36. Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate
37. Molybdnum Sulphate
38. Stannous Sulphate
39. Stannic Oxide
40. Stannous Chloride
41. Stannic Chloride
42. Zinc Stearate
43. Magnesium Stearate
44. Aluminium Stearate
45. Calcium Stearate
46. Barium Nitrate
47. Strontium Nitrate
48. Potassium Nitrate
49. Potassium Sulphate
50. Ferrous Sulphate H2O
51. Magnesium Sulphate
52. Zinc Sulphate Hepta Hydrate
53. Tri Calcium Phosphate
54. Manganese Sulphate- H2O
55. Ferric Alum
56. Iron Free Alum
57. Tri-Potassium Phosphate

58. Antimony Trioxide
59. Ferrous Sulphide

 Other Products

Flame Retarders

  • An exciting patented new product that is halogen free and with low environmental impact, the range includes products specially designed for use in paper, textiles (Natural and Man-made fibres) and features a range specially aimed at the plastics industry. We offer our flame retarders in powder, liquid or in masterbatch form, ready for use.

  • Zinc Oxides - We have Zinc Oxides available from technical RED SEAL grade (99.7%) to Pharmaceutical GOLD SEAL and WHITE SEAL (Over 99.9%) specifications.

Low Environment Impact / Ultra-low Temperature Bleaching Agents

  • Revolutionary patented new technology giving bleaching performance at least equal to the best of the current products at temperatures even below ambient.This product will also be offered in a higher purity form for for use as a hair and skin bleaching active.


Speciality Pigments

  • Fluorescent / Phosphorescent (High visibility and Glow-in-the-dark) / Thermochromic / Electrochromic (Heat or Electricity activated) pigments.

  • We can supply the phosphorescent materials (Glow-in-the-dark) as part of carrier packages as plastic / acrylic sheets, weavable threads etc.

  • We can also offer UV or IR activated pigments, all come in a variety of colours and activation thresholds.

  • We offer standard pigments in powder or in masterbatch form, including micro-fine granules for easy dispersion and low-dust handling. Our range expands to include food grade Titanium Dioxide Whites to E171 and Iron Oxides to E172 and FDA specifications. 

  • Our pigments range includes own manufactured buff coloured Rutile TiO2, offering high performance in a low cost pigment and a number of iron oxide, zinc(Tetroxy) chromate, and high performance organic pigments from selected sources


Biodegradable Plastics

  • New technology 100% biodegradable plastics based on starch. Our product is supplied in several forms suitable for use in film / blow or rotary moulding processes. We can supply the material in sheet form or even help by providing finished articles.


Hydrocarbon White Oils and Petroleum Gels and Jellies

  • We have a range of speciality white oils and printing ink distillates,  Naphthenic oils and Petrolatums as well as a number of speciality greases based on calcium, aluminium or bentonite. Our hydrocarbon range features cycloparaffinic and isoparaffinic solvents/oils with flash points from 80 to 170 deg. C and all with ultra-low aromatic content, to meet the strictest of environmental considerations.

  • We can offer the white oils and gels / jellies to the USP specification if required. Our petroleum jellies feature technical and USP grade products. We can offer a number of white petrolatum USP products pre-prepared as bases for ointments. For personal care uses, we have a range of high purity hydrocarbon gels

Agro Chemicals

  • A speciality crop protection chemical for yellow and black sigatoka disease.

  • Not many options available in the market at present.

  • This is a biodegradable banana spray oil to protect Banana leaves from black Sigatoka


ALOZOL – Purest Corrosion Inhibitors

Anti-freezes, Liquid dielectrics, Anti-icing Agents, Lubricants, Anti-tarnish agents, Lubri-coolants,
Brake Fluids, Metal Cleaners,Cleansers, Metal Working, Coating Baths, Packaging material,
Cooling Brines, Paints and Lacquers, Cooling water, Paper Industry, Copper Powder, Plastics,
Cutting Oils, Polishes, De-icers, Polymers, Detergents, Resists, Dish Wash Products, Rolled Products, Disinfectants, Rubber, Drawing Emulsions, Semi-Finished Products, Drilling Oils,

Surface Treatment, Electronic Equipment, Textile Printing, Electrolytic Processes, Turbine Oil,
Engine Coolants, UV - Protection, Foam Inhibitor for PVC, Vapour-phase inhibition, Fuels,

Water Treatment Agents, Heating Systems, Waxes, Hydraulic Fluids, Wire Drawing media etc.


More Chemicals

Manganese Acetate Tetrahydrate, Carbon Black, Acetic Acid Glacial, Ethanol, Hydrofluoric Acid, Ethyl acetate, Cashew Nut Shell Oil Liquid, Cardanol, Silver Nitrate, Silver Oxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Soda Ash, Formic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide and Calcium Carbonate


Other Products & Services

  • Copper rods, cathodes and annealed copper tapes

  • Special high grade zinc and zinc aluminium alloys

  • New Products are being added continuously to our growing list.

  • International Chemicals also do sourcing of various Chemicals and other products from India that are required by our associates worldwide.